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Not every day is noteworthy, yet every day demands a note. Today’s challenge is to craft one without using the first person.

Clean clothes

Clean washing made its way from washing baskets into closets and drawers today.

The washing expressed surprise at the care taken with sorting and folding, appreciating the attention given to seam alignment and crease minimisation.

The socks continued to sulk over what they say is discrimination, as they land in drawers folded but inside out, cleaner but otherwise just as their wearer left them.


Demand from household creditors eased after unpaid bills were attended to this afternoon.

The calculator is catching its breath and the bank accounts are licking their wounds.

The accountant is ducking for cover and the Australian Taxation Office is preparing itself for the latest round of excuses as the Business Activity Statement lodgement date looms.

The dictionary and thesaurus took advantage of a rest day, dozing quietly in a corner of the desk.


After weeks of deliberation, a decision on dance studios for 2017 is imminent.

Crowd favourite Project Movement is struggling to stay in the race following a tragedy over the summer which keeps the studio principal offline. Discussions continue.

Current frontrunner Brisbane Dance Centre delivered a solid pitch today, outlining an attractive class schedule and slipping in some praise for The Ballerina. Flattery might get them over the line.

Yesterday’s yoga class took effect overnight and key muscle groups have protested throughout the day.

The gluteal muscles have screamed the loudest due to an intense and extended ardha chandrasana practise.

Initial jubilation at the return to yoga has faded after fifteen minutes on the rowing machine today failed to mitigate discomfort.

For the record

After their initial shock at yesterday’s brief cleaning assault, the pantry moths have settled in for the next breeding season.

The Athlete is on a plane somewhere between Dubai and Melbourne.

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