Velvet Cushions

How do I remove milk from velvet?

I put this question to Google this morning when confronted with a smelly mess in the laundry.

Velvet cushions –

Earlier in the week The Socialite had misjudged the recline gradient on our sofa and dropped a freshly brewed milky coffee all over the couch. Ouch. She phoned me for sympathy but hung up empty handed, although I did bark orders about mopping up.

Chastened, she stripped the velvet cushion covers from their feather and foam inserts and left them in the laundry for me to fix. And she put the cushion inserts out on the grass to dry. That’s right, The Dog’s toilet. Naturally the mutt obliged by cocking his leg and adding to the milky coffee with his own yellow stain. Fantastic.

Of course I should have attended to this mess the moment I walked back into the house. But you may recall there’s been a small issue with extreme temperatures and a temperamental aircon system at casa TwoThumbs. So the cushion covers and their wee-sodden inserts festered in a hot laundry until today.

Having tootled about on Google for a while, gleaning conflicting advice about soap suds, dry-cleaning fluid, lemon and bi-carb soda, I finally took the plunge. Literally. I filled a sink with tepid, soapy water and gave the cushions and their covers a dunk. I figured the only way to banish fetid milk was with water. Lots, and lots of water.

There’s a good chance I’ve trashed the velvet covers with this treatment. And I’m nervous the pet smell will linger regardless. But I had to give it a go. Right now they’re all drip drying outside. (Elevated from curious canines.)

For the record –

I am not hot. Allelujia.

The Athlete is competing in Stockholm as I type. There are two qualifying rounds. She did well in the first (4V 2D) and I hope she consolidates in the second. It’s just sport, but she’s invested so much of herself in it. I want her to have the courage and the confidence to play hard. Here’s hoping.

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