Laptop And Notebook With Pen


Even without a deadline, writing can feel like a race. Sometimes it's a marathon. Sometimes it's a sprint. Today was definitely a hurdle event.
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Honey Tongued

Honey tongued

Another episode where the writer descends to cranky commentary on social media to make a point (or possibly just vent frustration).
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Clash Of Centuries

Clash of the centuries

A masterclass by legacy media in how to write a press release is self-serving on their part and a waste of time on mine. But my nasty email was unnecessary. Maybe we're both trapped in the twentieth century.
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Website basics for small business

A well-designed website shouldn't be an afterthought for small business. Following these basic communication principles can make all the difference.
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Exclamation Marks

Exclamation mark overload

How the exclamation mark is overused and why writers should avoid it.
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Looking In

Secrets within

I walked into the kitchen at eight o'clock tonight and retrieved a half-full bottle of wine from the fridge. I poured a glass and ripped the plastic wrap from a magazine that arrived in today's mail, the Queensland Writers Centre quarterly. I leaned against the kitchen bench and made space amongst the bread crumbs and…
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Sports Writing

Sports writing

Writing for a small sport with no media budget poses unique challenges. But like all reporting, the rewards come from getting close to the action.
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Better Bio

A better bio

An article appeared recently addressing the question ‘What should I include in my personal bio?’. I struggled for days with the ‘About’ page on my website and once took more time to write a 50-word bio than the 1200-word story attached to it. So I read the article from tip to toe, seeking enlightenment. It was published by a professional development forum…
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Elmer Candy Co Inc Office New Orleans

Don’t give up the day job

My fingers are on the wrong keys. They should be over to the right, punching in numbers and tallying totals. Instead, they're over here, writing. I love words, rolling them around for mouth-feel and making pretty shapes with them on a page. I even call myself a writer. But the reality is my day job…
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Why every writer should learn about SEO

You're a writer. You're confident with spelling and grammar. You craft a clever sentence, looping thoughts and ideas in compelling patterns, teasing the reader to follow you to the final full stop. But do you have a handle on SEO? For writers, internet magic has brought the planet's readers within a mouse click and publication opportunities seem limitless.…
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