Mum's Birthday

We celebrated mum’s 70th birthday with lunch today. We filled two long tables, even with one child and three grandchildren missing. We’re a big family and we’re all noisy and confident and brash. If the restaurant had known how noisy they may not have taken our booking.

Organisational skills

Our approach to special events is fairly relaxed. Today’s milestone birthday was organised hastily a few days ago in a flurry of group texts. But it all came together with a river view and presents and cake. And the birthday girl sat through it all with a permanent smile. Nothing makes her happier than hanging out with her babies and theirs. Today was her idea of heaven.


Which brings me to the other family I’ve been hanging out with lately. Getting involved with sporting organisations is a genetic predisposition. But while my parents and siblings and in-laws are all devoted to football, coaching and managing teams and filling various committee positions, my commitment is to fencing.

While I’ve been floating around QFA’s edges for a few years now, going to meetings and helping out at competitions, lately I’ve stepped things up. I’m now confident in my media skills and know I can make a difference.

I have a vision for transforming the organisation’s marketing and communications and I’m keen to work with the small volunteer band at the sport’s helm. But it’s challenging. I’m trying to overhaul everything from the website to the newsletter, drafting letters for the president while resurrecting the Twitter account and rescuing Instagram from a slew of blurry snaps.

There’s no marketing budget so outsourcing is not an option and my design and web development skills are rudimentary. It’s hard yakka and I’m tired. This past week I’ve spent more time drafting MailChimp templates than practising my prose. But I figure it’s all story-telling.

The creative in me wants to build a brand with a consistent voice for its members and the public. And the bureaucrat in me wants to implement systems to improve workflow and enable the team to work together. All without stepping on too many entrenched toes or ruffling delicate egos. It’s a tricky business. Come follow us @qldfencing on all the usual platforms and let me know if I’m doing a good job. Of course it doesn’t really matter what people think of my media. What matters is attracting and retaining more fencers. Let’s see how we’re doing at the end of the year.

For the record

I know, I know. It’s been quite a few days between daily notes. Refer above.

The Ballerina is very happy with the new studio but also pleased to retain a connection with her alma mater, still dancing there once a week. Her new teachers complimented her technique, which is as much a reflection of her past teachers as it is a comment on her skills. She’s back having weekly treatment with the physio. Sometimes I despair about all this ballet.

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