Angela Bensted


I hope you lichen my work

Your Time Magazine, September 2017

“I’m a cruise ship virgin,” I whisper to the tall man behind the bar, as I struggle to understand the card-swipe and signature process.

“Well there’s no better way to pop your cherry,” he replies, passing me a glass of pink champagne as the ship sounds two blasts from its horn and slips away from the dock.

Your Time Magazine, May 2017

When 81-year-old Cliff said a final goodbye to his wife Mary Patricia (Pat) he planned every aspect of the event himself with meticulous attention to detail.

Write Queensland, September 2017

On New Year’s Eve a fellow reveller asked “why do you write?” and the answer eluded me. It’s been a few days since the party, but I’d like another shot at the title.

Your Time Magazine, December 2016

If you’re reading this with a chardonnay in your hand or a nip of scotch doing duty before dinner then you’re a typical Baby Boomer. You love a drink and you have one nearly every day, a legacy of how you grew up in the booze-soaked 1960s and ’70s.

Your Time Magazine, November 2016

She juggles a croissant and a takeaway coffee as she ushers me into her South Brisbane apartment, waving at books and magazines piled
neatly on a low table and apologising for a mess that doesn’t exist.

Your Time Magazine, September 2016

There’s a clipped pooch standing guard on a Brisbane verandah in the fading winter light.
Actually the dog is sitting down on the job, performing its security duties from a comfortable chair.

Your Time Magazine, July 2016

Visitors to Brisbane’s St Andrew’s War Memorial Hospital might have noticed a quiet transformation over the past five years, as drab corridors have come alive with an evolving contemporary art display.

The collection’s unlikely curator is gynecologist Dr Philip Hall who started practising there five years ago.

Your Time Magazine, June 2016

There’s a tight group huddled around an art work at the Queensland Art Gallery on a mid-week morning.
Ten or so people sit on small camp chairs, listening intently as a guide tells them about a painting, using it to spark memories and start a conversation.

Your Time Magazine, June 2016

In a cruel twist of fate, family fortunes, earned through graft and sacrifice, are being whittled away by warring children and scheming hangers-on.

Your Time Magazine, May 2016

Jenny Bonney-Millett, a slight woman with long brown hair coiled into a bun, jogs around the Yeronga Sports Centre before stopping to stretch.