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Sports writing

Writing for a small sport with no media budget poses unique challenges. But like all reporting, the rewards come from getting close to the action.
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Staying the course

Tonight I looked up from my book, a novel I started more than a year ago, dusted off for a second chance over a gin and tonic, and noticed the sky. Between the dense foliage of my neighbour’s trees the dying light gave a final, defiant shout. Bands of baby boy blue and lobster pink…
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Farm Days

Technically it’s two minutes into the second day of the year. But I’ve been thinking about this note for a couple of hours so I’m going to fiddle with the clock and date stamp it 1st January 2018. It’s important that I start the year well (by cheating? No! Writing). Waste Not Want Not The…
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Shaken and stirred

December might easily slip by without a note, with no record of what transpired. But today, three days shy of year’s end, I’m carving out some time to mark the month. And as is often the case, it’s because I’m gripped by heightened emotions. I’m bitter and sad and angry, shaking an imagined cage and…
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Rainy day fun

Is three o’clock in the afternoon too soon to document the day? I’m waiting for The Ballerina to emerge from the dance studio and this seems like a more productive use of my phone than aimlessly scrolling through social media. Rain Today’s wet. The sky is white grey and the rain is falling in fat…
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Ian Fairweather, Bus stop,1965

Every word counts

Today was not a Fun Friday. I didn’t do yoga, shop, coffee and chat with The Bestie. No, today was an office grind day. Tax toil I finished the final Business Activity Statement for the quarter, but not without some stumbles. The bank account refused to reconcile, forcing me to go back two quarters and tidy.…
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copywriting me

Angela Bensted is Brisbane-based freelance writer who likes to listen first and struggle with syntax later. She pitches stories to magazines, sometimes successfully, and helps businesses produce compelling copy for print and online.

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