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Tattoo tutorial

Tattoo shopping

“You can’t put a price on a permanent shirt,” according to the voice holding forth from my kitchen bench. Only you can. And that price is $US875, which is, apparently, a good deal. The three gorgeous girls glued to this tiny screen are all health nuts. They’d been swimming and just cooked themselves lunch; bacon,…
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Family time at GOMA cafe

Family time

I delivered The Ballerina to the studio today for a pre-rehearsal-week rehearsal. Months of dancing with Ballet Theatre Queensland will culminate in four performances at the Performing Arts Centre in a few weeks. Final rehearsals commence tomorrow and a few cast members decided to dust off the pins with an informal run-through at our local…
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When I get home from The Farm I look at the home garden through fresh eyes. I re-engage. It’s a big yard, but after The Farm it feels a lot more manageable. So after hanging the washing this morning I wandered over to admire my herbs. They’re loving the hot, wet weather this summer. I…
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Todd's new toy

In the driver’s seat

Dropping In Today we visited Todd and Verena who live at the bottom of the road. While the rest of us tinker with gardening and bee-keeping and possibly a horse or two, this couple is the real deal. They farm. They grow hay, routinely cutting and baling cops between midnight and dawn, returning to the…
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We spent this evening in the company of good neighbours. We invited Phil and Mary for pre-dinner drinks and waved them off close to midnight. They brought home-made chicken and vegetable pies and a jar of honey from their apiary. We drank their wine, then sat around our kitchen bench eating nachos from mismatched bowls.…
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Lawn therapy As a boy, The Husband liked to mow. He’d gladly push and pull the family Victa across the family’s sprawling corner block and trim the surrounds with a rotary edger. He loved lawn. Nothing much has changed since then. Here at The Farm, he loves to crank up the tractor and slash the…
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Angela Bensted is Brisbane-based freelance writer who likes to listen first and struggle with syntax later. She pitches stories to magazines, sometimes successfully, and helps businesses produce compelling copy for print and online.

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