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How do I remove milk from velvet? I put this question to Google this morning when confronted with a smelly mess in the laundry. Velvet cushions – Earlier in the week The Socialite had misjudged the recline gradient on our sofa and dropped a freshly brewed milky coffee all over the couch. Ouch. She phoned me for…
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The cement pond

It was so hot today even the cicadas pulled up stumps. The dog shuffled from one shady spot to the next, panting, pooped. The laundry basket festered and the pantry moths multiplied. I looked at the pile of dishes beside the sink, the greasy pots and pans too grubby for the dishwasher, and walked away.…
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Fun Friday

Good news. Vinay, the air conditioner repair man, is coming on Sunday. Sunday. Mid-morning. What a champion. Heat The city is sweltering through a summer spike and our fossil-fuel guzzling refrigeration unit has been caput for six weeks. Most of that time we’ve been out of town, but not now. And we’re melting. We could spend…
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What to say

What to say

Some days it all just falls into place. There’s a conversation or event or a remarkable tree that tickles your fancy and boom, there’s a Note. Other days, like today, are barren. Blogging Today I read a post by an author who offers helpful, encouraging words to writers, especially those who are just starting out. So far…
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Poppy's cafe

David’s Tree

On the final approach to Boonah on the Ipswich Road there’s a sweeping bend, taking drivers to the crest of a hill to reveal the farmland and mountain views which give the scenic rim its name. David’s tree At the apex of the bend, elevated on the cutting’s bank, is a solitary tree. It’s gnarled,…
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Healing waters


It’s a long walk from the one public car park on site to the Prince Charles Hospital mental health unit. The fastest route snakes past the front entrance and the adjacent private hospital, skirts the emergency department, doglegs down a pathway between the education centre and the satellite endoscopy unit before finally delivering travellers to their destination. There…
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copywriting me

Angela Bensted is Brisbane-based freelance writer who likes to listen first and struggle with syntax later. She pitches stories to magazines, sometimes successfully, and helps businesses produce compelling copy for print and online.

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