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Tonight we dine with old school friends. Although I don’t feel old and I’m sure they’d say the same. But we graduated in 1985 so I reckon the adjective is apt. Our school year was close. The Husband and I met in english class on day one of year 11. We found ourselves in the…
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my time

My time

The cafe is insane today. FAMILIES have invaded my usual spot down the back. There’s a handful of adults and an army of preschoolers, all squawking and half-standing, half-sitting while they spill juice and fling egg around. (The kids. The adults are pretty well-behaved.) Honestly. Get a take-away and go to the park. That’s what…
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It’s a seductive sport. Three weapons – epee, foil, sabre – with varying rules around giving way and valid contact points, but essentially it’s the same game. Hit your opponent before they hit you. The Athlete – The Athlete started playing at high school. Like many millennials who play the sport, she says she was influenced by…
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How do I remove milk from velvet? I put this question to Google this morning when confronted with a smelly mess in the laundry. Velvet cushions – Earlier in the week The Socialite had misjudged the recline gradient on our sofa and dropped a freshly brewed milky coffee all over the couch. Ouch. She phoned me for…
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The cement pond

It was so hot today even the cicadas pulled up stumps. The dog shuffled from one shady spot to the next, panting, pooped. The laundry basket festered and the pantry moths multiplied. I looked at the pile of dishes beside the sink, the greasy pots and pans too grubby for the dishwasher, and walked away.…
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Fun Friday

Good news. Vinay, the air conditioner repair man, is coming on Sunday. Sunday. Mid-morning. What a champion. Heat The city is sweltering through a summer spike and our fossil-fuel guzzling refrigeration unit has been caput for six weeks. Most of that time we’ve been out of town, but not now. And we’re melting. We could spend…
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Angela Bensted is Brisbane-based freelance writer who likes to listen first and struggle with syntax later. She pitches stories to magazines and helps businesses produce compelling copy for print and online.

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