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Make the most of your online branding with compelling and convincing copy that reflects your values. Stand out from the crowd with sharp prose and savvy commentary.

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Increase your chances of media exposure by telling a story with real news values. Let me find the verbs and the quotes to get your message heard above the din.

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Lighten your compliance load. Let me work with your team and assist with editorial polishing so you meet reporting deadlines and internal communication demands.

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Small businesses need good websites

Website basics for small business

A well-designed website shouldn't be an afterthought for small business. Following these basic communication principles can make all the difference.
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exclamation marks

Exclamation mark overload

How the exclamation mark is overused and why writers should avoid it.
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Sports writing

Writing for a small sport with no media budget poses unique challenges. But like all reporting, the rewards come from getting close to the action.
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