Sports writing

Writing for a small sport with no media budget poses unique challenges. But like all reporting, the rewards come from getting close to the action.

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A better bio

An article appeared recently addressing the question ‘What should I include in my personal bio?’. I struggled for days with the ‘About’ page on my website and once took more time to write a 50-word bio than the 1200-word story attached to it. So I read the article from tip to toe, seeking enlightenment. It was published by a professional development forum…

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Don’t give up the day job

My fingers are on the wrong keys. They should be over to the right, punching in numbers and tallying totals. Instead, they’re over here, writing. I love words, rolling them around for mouth-feel and making pretty shapes with them on a page. I even call myself a writer. But the reality is my day job…

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Why every writer should learn about SEO

search engines

You’re a writer. You’re confident with spelling and grammar. You craft a clever sentence, looping thoughts and ideas in compelling patterns, teasing the reader to follow you to the final full stop. But do you have a handle on SEO? For writers, internet magic has brought the planet’s readers within a mouse click and publication opportunities seem limitless.…

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