Clash of the centuries

July 4, 2018

A masterclass by legacy media in how to write a press release is self-serving on their part and a waste of time on mine. But my nasty email was unnecessary. Maybe we’re both trapped in the twentieth century.

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Small businesses need good websites

Website basics for small business

June 27, 2018

A well-designed website shouldn’t be an afterthought for small business. Following these basic communication principles can make all the difference.

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exclamation marks

Exclamation mark overload

June 16, 2018

How the exclamation mark is overused and why writers should avoid it.

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(Almost) Daily Notes

Just another Saturday

September 16, 2018

A day spent walking, giving blood, contemplating my dog’s mortality and conquering a web design demon.

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Through fluttering eyelids

September 12, 2018

A tired reflection on a good life marred by badly-managed days.

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Alone at the ballet

Together alone at the ballet

September 8, 2018

Another night ruined by 17 years of bad parenting.

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