Contrast this

There’s a certain selection bias in these notes.  It’s much easier to wax lyrical about a day full of activity, a day where stuff gets done and to-do lists shrink and there are compelling verbs and colour to play with. Days spent in Hong Kong in lounges and bars and restaurants. On days like to today…
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Gone awry

“Mum. We have to leave in 15 minutes.” This was not a 6:15am alarm, just The Ballerina waking me to drive her to weekly choir practice. The school timetable has no respect for a writer’s night owl habits. So I dragged my wretched carcass from its covers, pulled on shorts and sneakers and drove her, through bleary…
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Apple cake and a blanket

It feels like January. The good intentions rekindled on holidays still shape my days (headaches notwithstanding). Today I ate spinach and blueberries and cut up a pineapple. I made bolognaise sauce from scratch – with vegies in it. And I’m writing, albeit in the dead of night when I should be asleep. Boy shopping Even with plans and…
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Empty day

A headache crept into my bed last night, igniting my brain. It wrapped its tentacles around my skull, digging its fists into my temples till I opened my eyes. Then shut them fast, to block the piercing light streaming in through shuttered cracks. Last night I’d promised to cook bacon and eggs for breakfast but first had…
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I’m voting for footy

Down to earth with a thud today, driving across town before breakfast to collect The Ballerina from a sleepover. On the way home I shopped at the butcher, the greengrocer and the supermarket, buying dry-aged rib steaks, nutty muesli, yoghurt and a box full of veggies. Then toilet paper. At home I washed and hung…
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Homeward bound

Resolve Departure heralded good intentions. No champagne, no sugary post-meal treats. Instead, the flight from Brisbane to Hong Kong was all water and fruit and naked salad. Seven days and a couple of extra kilos later I’m returning home, strapped in and waiting to push back, cursing my lack of discipline. Bircher muesli with fruit…
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